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KTA focuses on the financials so you can focus on your business. By leveraging technology and process excellence, we provide intuitive solutions and insights to ensure your business thrives.

Why KTA?


The rhythm of a well run business depends on the consistent feedback your financials should provide. We make sure everything is in order with your books so you can focus on your business.

Stress Free

Knowing your business’ financial picture should prepare you to embrace the opportunities before you, not add unnecessary stress to your operations. We’re here to make your life a little easier.


Your financial books contain a wealth of information that should be a critical tool for any business owner. We help provide new insights that help a business maximize profits.


We focus on the books so you can focus on the business. Our expert team provides the best in bookkeeping services and pledges to deliver accurate, quality work on a dependable time schedule.

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From the Pros

We founded KTA with a Financial Services expert, whose 25 year expertise spans across bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation with companies of every size. This partnership means we can handle your business tax needs including preparation, planning and filing of all your necessary state and federal taxes.

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